Wild & Free is a program developed to encourage independent living skills with a creative influence. Daily activities will include opportunities for personal growth, community and vocational experience, and relationship-building to equip our participants to excel in their communities, workplaces, and home. 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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Contact Sam Baker:

Cell Phone:  336-588-3612
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Email: sambarchp@gmail.com

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 A transitional educational program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities which emphasizes home and independent living skills, creative arts, vocational development, and community engagement and involvement. 

Focus 1: Vocational Experience

Wild and Free works to provide exposure to various areas of vocation. With this they do research and sample job opportunities at local businesses. The participants also manage the Creative Arts Store, The Wild and Free Cafe and, The Wild and Free library. Through these projects we develop skills including managing supply and demand, creating products, delivering purchases, purchase transactions, inventory, hosting, accepting orders, customer service, managing supplies and reordering, kitchen experience, etc. 

In the Spring the students plant crops and focus on developing skills in maintaining agriculture. Profits from these ventures help fund future activities and trips. 

Wild and Free is home to four chickens which need daily maintenance and care. Participants develop skills in animal husbandry and manual labor. The produce harvested from our garden and the eggs provided by our chickens are used in our kitchen where participants develop knife skills, study food science, and learn food preparation. Items prepared in the wild and free kitchen are sold in the cafe.

Focus 2: Creative Wellness

Creative and process arts are incorporated daily and assists in building fine motor and problem solving skills while enhancing communication and expression. Art is a voice to be shared and a vision to be seen and we believe it is a vital part to every community.  We seek to share that passion with those around us.

Wild and Free schedules 2-3 physical activities each week Zumba, yoga, aerobics, and tai chi are incorporated weekly. Wild and Free curriculum focuses on healthy habits and awareness.  We incorporate opportunities to practice proper personal care and implement healthy nutrition.

We use our computer lab to find healthy recipes, create grocery shopping lists and then go out to purchase items before preparing a healthy meal, snack, or dessert. 

Focus 3: Independent Living

Wild and Free participants work closely with their peers, staff, and community members to build meaningful relationships and grow their ability to live independently.. Through on site chore training, goal setting, independent conversation prompting, and roleplaying scenarios staff and students practice the skills needed to increase independence. This includes visits to local businesses and social outings. 

Wild and Free participants create clubs in which each student has a role fashioned around their strengths and specific interests to share common hobbies with one another. Creating a strong community and promoting self initiated creativity.  

To enroll in Wild and Free at The Arc please contact:  wildandfree@arcofhp.org

Daily rate: $35 

Students must attend 2 days minimum

Pay Here
$70 for 2 days
$105 for 3 days
$35 for adding extra day