Welcome To The Creative Arts Studio

“I can’t think of anything more rewarding than being able to express yourself to others through painting. Exercising the imagination, experimenting with talents, being creative; these things, are truly the windows to your soul.” – Bob Ross

Our Creative Arts program believes in offering a creative outlet to all who join our classes.  We offer a variety of creative outlets because we believe everyone is an artist you just haven’t found the right medium yet.  Art has the unique ability to give an outward expression to inner thoughts, it also creates a welcoming atmosphere for fun and allows for the opportunity to take pride in creating something.


The Creative Arts Studio at the Arc of High Point first started in 2005. We began as a painting studio and poetry class serving adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We currently have a fine arts painting studio, a full pottery studio, a complete sewing program and we are continually growing to offer more creative arts opportunities.  We are an inclusive program, now offering classes to anyone who has a desire to get creative.  We are a non-profit and 100% of our profits go back into our programs, we exist strictly on tax deductible donations and it is our goal to eventually give our artists earnings from their creations.

Our programs include Pottery, Fine Art Painting, Sewing Program, Fiber Arts, and our Heart and Soul Choir.

Found Arts – Wednesdays 10-12

Found arts is our newest Creative Arts program, we work with anything related to textiles and focus on recycling and repurposing everyday items and making them into something new and beautiful.  Found art is a style of fine art which uses textiles such as fabric, yarn, and natural and synthetic fibers.  We have made our own paper, including seed papers and seed bombs. 

Sewing for Us – Returning soon!

Studio Hours TBD

Our sewing class offers instruction for all levels of experience. We have six sewing machines and an embroidery machine that allows us to do unique projects.


Pottery –     Monday 9-12

                     Thursday 9-12

Our pottery studio includes a kiln, and wheelchair accessible potter’s wheel, we are a complete in house studio.  We teach everything from the basics of hand building to throwing on the wheel.  We focus on making our pieces beautiful and functional.  Special pottery group nights are available for private events.  Please contact Liz McKinnon to reserve a pottery night for you and your group.

Fine Arts –  Fridays 9-12

In our fine arts program we teach acrylic painting techniques from beginner to master class.  Participants will be taught with any subject they choose and we encourage trying new styles and subjects in order to expand skills and ideas.  We hold a silent art auction the first Wednesday in November at the Theatre Arts Gallery to showcase our artists and their beautiful work.

Paint Kits

We offer paint kits for you to come and pick up and work on as you please.  We post the paint kit lessons on our YouTube channel The Arc of High Point Creative Arts   Paint kits include a pre-sketched 11×14 canvas, all of the paint colors you will need, brushes, and a palette. All of our previous kits are on our Square.

Private Art lessons available by appointment

Please contact Liz McKinnon at The Arc of High Point for more information 336-883-0650 or email at l.mckinnon@arcofhp.org.

To purchase hand-made items made by our artist, please visit our Squarespace site at Creative Arts Studio at The Arc of High Point

For weekly updates visit our Instagram or Creative Arts Facebook Page

For more information on how you can participate with us, call Liz McKinnon at the Arc 336-883-0650



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