Advocating for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are looking for a place to volunteer in a different culture that is within your local community. Please feel free to come to The Arc of High Point and check us out. We have a whole lot of different things for everyone to do. We are an organization that doesn't discriminate from in providing volunteer positions to people. We would love for anyone that needs volunteer credit ours for school, the Scouts, or to just fill up some free time that you may have. By volunteering with us you will not just be helping the people that we serve learn things but also you will learn things from those that we serve as well. 

Volunteer Positions Available 

___Website Design
This area would be to help keep the updated as well as our Pinterist page as well as our Etsy sight and Facebook page. 

____ Creative Arts Programs
This area if interested in using your creative juices we have three areas that you can participate your time in helping our people that we serve to learn various different skills in learning how to either paint, make pottery, or Make soaps Lotions.

____ Landscaping
We are looking for people that wouldn't mind volunteering some time to actually help keep the property looking nice. It would also be a great opportunity to train some of our people that we support to actually learn some of those skills as well.


We also are open to having Internships with various different schools around town. If there are any students that need Credit hours for classes in the area of Non-Profit organization work. We have opportunities for you all to plug in as well.

____ Volunteer Coordinating
This area will be to help set up volunteer positions as well as finding volunteers for various different functions that the Arc of High Point will be doing.

____ Outreach Events 
Going out into the community with the Outreach director to help out with United way events and other events that are in the area of educating the community about people with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities. 

____ Access Dental 
Helping with our once a month dental clinic to help with setting appointments and dealing with payments that come through the Arc of High Point.

Each Person interested in coming to the Arc to volunteer will be required to have a background check as well as fill out paperwork to let us know of your interests. We will also provide training for those that are interested in working with the people that we serve as well.

If you are interested in participating with our organization please feel free to contact us at: 

153 E. Bellevue Drive
High Point NC 27262